We have a variety of tools in our toolkit to help tell your story and build your brand.

Media Relations

Whether you have a new product to launch, important news to share, or have a key event coming up, we will work with you and our media contacts to help get your news shared and your story told. We also offer media coaching to ensure you’re ready to represent your brand when it’s time to tell your story.

Strategic Planning

We don’t want you to waste your time or money, so we make sure everything you do to promote your brand makes sense. We assess your current situation, work with you to establish goals, and then formulate a plan to reach optimal results while sticking to timelines and budgets.

Brand Ambassador Programs

We all know the saying, word of mouth is the most powerful advertising. The same is true in PR. We look for true fans of your brand, or cultivate people who will be your biggest cheerleaders or street team.

Blogger Relations

Mainstream media has evolved in recent years. As social media platforms become a go-to resource for information, it’s important to understand who has the power to influence on these channels. We know who’s who in the social media zoo, and we work with these influencers to build some buzz for your brand.

Socia Media Marketing

Snap. Share. Tweet. Post. Friend. Follow. With so many platforms out there these days, it can be hard to make sense of social. We can help you get on the right platforms that support your goals, coordinate your content and manage your communities to inform, engage and assist your audiences.

Reputation Management

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Before disaster strikes, having a plan in place to weather the storm can protect your brand and ensure you come out on the other end in tact. We make sure you’re prepared so nothing takes you by surprise, and have a plan in place to keep your reputation solid.

Event Management

From launch parties to fundraising events to media conferences, we have experience in producing a variety of events. It doesn’t matter if your event is celebratory or educational, we can manage everything for your event from creative concept to project management to vendor relations to promotions.

Community Relations

Doing good is good for business. We specialize helping brands find the causes they care about and care to support. Then we set up corporate social responsibility and community outreach programs so you can support and engage the community in meaningful ways that support your brand values.

Content Creation

You name it, we’ve probably done it. From video production and directing, to graphic design, to writing almost every type of communication piece under the sun. We have produced thousands of documents required to support your communications campaigns.