TwoShine County

Launching a new country music duo across Canada in one of the most competitive music genres.


Harper PR was invited to help launch a brand new male country music duo across Canada. With no band name, the duo had three demos in hand and were just about to get started recording their first three singles in studio. Harper PR helped to develop the look, feel, logo, identity, website and press materials needed to support the music.


With Harper PR's support, the duo debuted their first radio single, which nearly cracked the top 50 charts - a feat unheard of for a new, independent group. Harper PR helped TwoShine County get a CCMA showcase at West Edmonton Mall, supported their cross Canada radio tours, provided strategic direction on single development and releases, and helped build the duo to become a familiar name in the country music industry. The group has subsequently gone on to release a debut album, secured large performance opportunities, and recently secured a showcase position for the CCMA Discovery Artist showcase.

TwoShine Wine

``I'd love to give you everything you want, but a bottle of wine and a country time are all I know.`` Listening to the lyrics of the demos, Natalie Harper had an idea for a promo item. TwoShine Wine was born. Harper PR created the label designs and description and equipped the duo with enough bottles to pass out to media across Canada on their promo tours. TwoShine Wine became an icon in photos, and the duo still uses it as a promotional gift to this day.