Assembling 7 CFL players, an animal welfare group and a country music artist to support animal sterilization clinics in Mexico.


This is one of our signature campaigns. Harper PR incepted the campaign, secured sponsor funding from Air Transat, secured 7 high profile, animal-loving CFL players and a whole bunch of media attention for this project that was near and dear to our hearts.


There are 2 dogs to every one person in Mexico. The staggering animal overpopulation issue leads to inhumane treatment of animals daily. Machete attacks, starvation, abuse, disease is commonplace for dogs in Mexico. CANDi and Harper PR client, Craig Moritz, have spent years trying to solve the animal overpopulation issue with free sterilization clinics in key areas. Harper PR saw an opportunity to help using the power of PR. Awareness is direly needed to start to help animal overpopulation problems in Mexico, at home and around the world. The international attention we received from putting this campaign together was just a start to inform people of the issue and the ways people could help.


Secured sports and music celebrities to lend their profile to the cause
Secured $25,000 sponsorship from Air Transat to fund event
Garnered national and international media attention for the event