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Call Me the Campaign Queen

  • April 29, 2017

One of the most cliche terms in business just happens to be one of the most important. VALUE ADD. My clients hear me say this a lot – especially in the preliminary stages of working together.

You see, public relations is not about selling. It’s about story telling. It’s about relationship building. It’s about engagement. It supports the sales function (and vice versa), but in order to be effective as a tool in your communications toolkit, it needs to support your key differentiators, and your VALUE ADD to your stakeholders (employees, clients, customers, investors, etc.)

When I work with organizations, I always look at who their competition is. At the same time, I’m looking at really understanding that organization. If they have an established brand and brand characteristics, I review those to try and pull out their value add. If the brand needs definition and a sense of identity, I build out the brand characteristics and personality, which is then the guideline for everything we do. I do this by considering the value add and helping to build that out as well.

It’s easy for me to help organizations figure out what their VALUE ADD is. I’m a third party that looks objectively at the good, the bad and the awesome in their organization. It’s my job to view them from the position of their stakeholders and see what they may be blind to.

However, when it comes to myself, it’s far harder to figure out what my value add is to organizations and my clients.

The practice of public relations is evolving quickly. And with it, the practitioners have to evolve as well. In recent weeks, I have been really thinking about the VALUE ADD I provide as a practitioner. What does my 15+ years experience give me? What does working with small to large to multinational brands enable me to do for the people and organizations I work with? What advantages do I have through the relationships that I have built over these decades? What cost-savings can I pass down to organizations because I’ve already seen what works and what doesn’t time and time again? How can my level of seniority benefit an organization over someone who just entered the field?

There are many considerations, of course.  However, a conversation I had yesterday with a colleague of mine in Calgary really encouraged me to dig deeper into what makes me a top choice for organizations considering public relations.

It’s simple – I am not just a public relations practitioner. I’m a content producer, brand manager, business strategist, media and marketing coach, director of awesome, and the campaign queen. In this day and age, when everyone is a self-proclaimed social media strategist, there is a lot of clutter to cut through to show that what I do is different (and many times, better).

One thing I’m excellent at is putting together a campaign. There are often five zillion moving parts to a campaign, and communications is critical for success. Internal preparation with teams is key before anything even happens to launch the campaign. Timelines need to be planned and respected and nothing rushed to “just get it done” because then you could lose optimal impact.

I am the campaign queen. I don’t say this egotistically, and you shouldn’t either. When you look at your VALUE ADD, you have to get real and bring forward what makes you the top choice to your potential customers.

Need help figuring out your value add, or putting together an idea or campaign? I can help.