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Harper PR in the Edmonton Journal

  • July 28, 2016

A sincere thanks to Capital Ideas and the Edmonton Journal for featuring me this week about something I truly believe in.

Prior to starting Harper PR over five years ago, I came from working for an organization that didn’t value Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.22.17 PMsocial responsibility or giving to others (without getting something in return). One of the reasons I left that organization was because this ideology was so disconnected with my personal values, but also values and practices intrinsic to the PR practice. I found it difficult to do my job for someone who had zero moral compass.

So, I started my own company and built it based on the values of giving back to the community.

When I first started the company, and for the first few years in business as I endeavoured to grow the practice, I didn’t have money to give to charitable groups. Instead, I gave as much pro-bono services and time that I could.

We helped artists and entertainers, arts projects, mental health and brain injury organizations, children’s sports groups, and much more. We even created and sponsored 2 large campaigns and partnered with several players from the CFL for both–Huddle for Haiti and the 2013 CANDi/CFL Clinic to help animals in Bonfil, Mexico with our client, Craig Moritz.

Giving back to the community is in my DNA, and I really wanted this to be a pillar of Harper PR.

I truly love to work with people to give back to the community, and love working with our clients to help them do the same. I am so thankful to work with people and brands that share the same values, and are so socially and community-driven.

Natalie Harper, Founder & Managing Director

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