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Do you need a Marketing Maid?

  • April 1, 2016

We’ve all heard of the term ‘Spring cleaning’ and many of us participate in this annual cleaning ritual; ridding our homes of dirt and clutter. I’m not talking about the standard dusting, vacuuming and Windexing. I’m talking about the ‘move your appliances, get rid of your clutter, and finally dare to haul out whatever’s been hiding under stuff for months‘ cleaning.

A massive clean makes everything feel more liveable and more welcoming doesn’t it?

When our house is in order, we tend to feel more open to inviting people into it. We are more likely to welcome visitors. Think about it – would you invite guests over if your house were a complete catastrophe? Well, perhaps, but you might then worry what their perception of you is, and you may even wonder if your environment is welcoming enough to have them stay longer, or return for a future visit.

The same goes for business marketing and communications. Is your company’s marketing environment crisp, clean and in order, or is at a cluttered catastrophe?

In my experience, there is always cleaning that can be done to polish up your organization’s communications. In my experience, companies come to me looking for a “marketing maid” of sorts. They need help to clean their ‘house’ up when their DIY marketing starts to become cluttered and less welcoming to outside ‘guests’.

Like a regular ‘maid’, cleaning the house can be as small or as large a job as needed. It could be a quick and light cleaning, or it could be an intense ‘Spring cleaning’ with a bit of redecorating included.

No matter the size of the job, a “marketing maid” will help you get your house in order, make it more presentable, help you create the welcoming perception you want, and make your guests feel more comfortable in your home. Moreover, it will create an environment they want to return to.

In fact, having an ‘open house’ to show off the changes you’ve made is a great way to welcome new guests in.

Investing in a “marketing maid” can help you correct communications and enhance your promotional and growth opportunities. To learn more on how Harper PR can help you clear your communications clutter, please email: natalie[at]

Natalie Harper, Managing Director

Harper PR