Agency Strategic Development

How Public Relations Helps Amplify Your Brand

  • March 31, 2016

I’ve often said that a PR person is like a team cheerleader. We don’t have the celebrity or fame of the star player, but we are huge contributors to the game.

There’s a reason why most sports teams have cheerleaders. Cheerleaders keep the crowd engaged and excited and create an energetic atmosphere, which hopefully results in a big win for the team.

A public relations practitioner does the same thing to help amplify your brand. We work with various audiences to engage them and get them excited about your brand and the products or services you offer.

We build buzz around your organization, your products and/or services, and contribute to having you seen and heard by the people you want to see and hear you.

That all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? In fact, amplifying your brand is far more strategic than it sounds.

Think about how an NFL team wins a Superbowl. It doesn’t happen over night. There is a lot that goes on for months, or years, before that team can take home the coveted trophy. But oh how sweet it is when the team claims that trophy. All the planning, practice, hard work and dedication really pays off.

It’s the same with PR.

Before we can win you the Superbowl, there’s a few key things we need to do.

  1. Get to know you and your goals. We understand your brand so you don’t waste time and money communicating the wrong messages to the wrong people.
  2. If you aren’t sure who you are as a brand or what your goals are, we can help you define them and establish a platform that sets you on a game winning path right from the start.
  3. Bring in key players and coaches to help along the way.
  4. Identify some hail Mary’s and long bombs that will help you stand out as you play the game.
  5. Provide proper coaching along the way to support the players on the team.
  6. Evaluate the plays and alter them if they aren’t getting the results we want.

We’ll also cheer you on as you play the game, and pop the champagne when you win. Celebrating success is the best part of the job!

Do you need a cheerleader for your brand who can help you come up with a game-winning strategy?

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