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Behold – the Power of PR!

  • September 29, 2015

A few years ago, I met my significant other, who happens to be a graphic designer and illustrator. He also happens to be a massive comic book fan, and he recently debuted at the Edmonton Comic Expo to feature his first comic book and his #yegheroes poster series. Since being with him, I’ve learned A LOT about superheroes. And the last few days, some super things happened that relate to my work and PR. I thought it fitting that I call this post BEHOLD – THE POWER OF PR in honour of these experiences.

At the Edmonton Comic Expo, I went down to visit my boyfriend on his last day exhibiting. As I was sitting at the table, marveling at the work people put into this event (organizers, attendees, exhibitors and artists), I was watching my boyfriend as he engaged with people, introduced himself and spoke about his art and products. This was his gig, not mine, but I couldn’t turn my PR brain off and was analyzing his presentation and selling skills. He w12036718_10156118064760297_8845474868995225941_nas great. Personable guy who isn’t afraid to talk while not cramming his product down the attendees’ throats. He let the art speak for itself.

The sultry Wonder Woman wearing a Connor McDavid jersey banner he had up definitely helped bring people in, and was the most popular poster in his #yegheroes collection. It got people talking, but it was when Oiler’s captain, Andrew Ference, stopped by the booth that things changed. BAM, POW – just like that I turned into Super PR Girl.

Ference kindly snapped a photo and texted it to McDavid. Awesome. But then he did something unexpected and kind – he tweeted it out. Within moments, the Tweet was Retweeted dozens of times, and the number of eyeballs on my boyfriend’s drawing was in the thousands. The gratitude to Ference for doing this is immeasurable.12033045_552519201568560_3565572895036464355_n

But, that’s not something I, or we, planned to happen. However, the next events were planned. Like a villainous mastermind lurking in her lair plotting to take over the world, this Super PR Girl has been planning this for months.

I always say to people that PR is an investment. Unlike marketing or advertising where you spend more money for immediacy and frequency, PR is often a money saver, but you have to look at it as an investment. Minimal investment, but over time equates to maximum return.

A client I’ve been working with for several months now fully realizes this investment. I sat down with them earlier this year, they gave me their goals, I did research and created a marketing communications plan to accomplish their goals. I anticipated that it would take about 6 months to see a tangible return, and asked for their trust and support. They gave it to me.

The last two weeks alone have resulted in massive success. Like the mark of a superhero beacon glowing in the night sky, their brand is getting visibility and audience engagement beyond expectation. True to my word, they supported me, trusted me, worked with me and we have accomplished some significant things. And it’s only the start. BAM.

The reason I wanted to write this post and share it, is because it is often hard to convey to people the value of PR and reasons to invest in it. It can be an intangible ‘thing’ that you don’t see, feel, touch, taste. Compared to advertising and marketing, it can be abstract to some. However, the past few weeks have really solidified the true value of PR. From something unplanned like a Tweet from a sports celeb, to something that has been methodically planned for months. The power of PR is endless if you create the right scenario for it to do its job, and you have the right superhero ready to take on anything with the mighty force of his/her PR super skills and expertise.

Behold – the power of PR.