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Music Marketing Plans for Grant Funding

  • January 5, 2015

Some backgrounder to start…

  • I’ve written hundreds of marketing/communications plans.
  • I’ve written dozens for musicians/entertainers to be used for grant funding applications (FACTOR, AFA, RAWLCO, etc.)
  • I’ve been successful with these marketing plans in garnering thousands and thousands of dollars for artists from granting agencies.
  • I’ve received jury comments and scoring on my marketing plans for grant funding, which have always been highly scored.

However, it was only recently that I got to see things from the other side when I was asked to be a jury member for a music grant funding program. And what I saw was 16615862_mlnot good.

Now that I have reviewed grant applications, I definitely know what I will be improving upon the next time I submit a marketing plan and grant application on behalf of a music client.

I believe many musicians and managers out there can vastly improve their applications to increase their chances of success in garnering funding.

So, I want to know – do you need help?

  • Would you be interested in one-on-one training or a workshop to help you improve your marketing plans, and significantly increase your chances of getting grant funding?
  • Do you need an audit of your current materials (from marketing plan, to press kit, to music demos, etc?)

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, I want to hear from you and help you!

Email me, and let’s talk.

Natalie Harper