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Content 101 – Back to Class

  • July 6, 2014

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Yesterday, I had a conversation with a brilliant gal I work with on digital strategy and interactive projects, and we started talking about the importance of being able to generate content in today’s marketing landscape. In my opinion (and the reason why I love to work with her) she is a ninja in content creation, so I was surprised when she revealed she feels the same as I do.

We feel like we are being eclipsed by the younger generation, and their insane ability to master new tools to create compelling content. 

Videos, blogs, vlogs, images, audio files, e-newsletters, podcasts, etc. – the days when the press release was the main tool in a PR practitioner’s toolkit are gone. We have a digital and social playground to play in, and man is it ever fun!

I go on Instagram these days and see the coolest content, and I wonder how on earth the users generated it. There are new tools (software/apps) created all the time to harvest and display our content in some seriously interesting and engaging ways. I admit – I can’t keep up. But you know who can? Teens!

I’m about to turn 36-years-old in a couple weeks, and I would consider myself a senior PR practitioner with more than 12 years practice (18 years practice if you count all the work I did before I earned my degree in PR). I didn’t think this day would come so soon – the day I felt like I needed to really consider upgrading my skills.

I marvel at the content the younger generation is creating. Their skills in photography, design and video capture/editing is amazing, and it seems to come so naturally to them. They have grown up with Smart Phones and tablets and SnapChat and Instagram. Cutting together a 1-minute stop motion video is like nothing to them. They are totally eclipsing us senior communicators with their content wizardry, and I am envious.

I’m also like a sponge, and ready to learn from this generation.

I’m on a mission to learn. I want to improve my graphic design, photography, photo editing skills. I want to step out of the shadow of the younger generation and be part of the cool kids content creation club! So, I am researching. I’m reading. I’m on to find online classes. I’m going to book time with some younger clients and learn from them. I’m going to sift through the web and read about tools and tips. I’m going to test them out and experiment, and hope some of my clients will join in on the fun.

If anyone reading this knows of any great tools, tips or resources to get me started, I welcome the info. Please email me at natalie[at] and let’s chat!