Have you heard about ‘Heartbleed’?

  • April 10, 2014

I want to be sure all Harper PR clients and partners aware of something very visible online and in the media right now.

You may have seen some information about the “Heartbleed bug” – an online security issue recently discovered that has already impacted many secure sites online.

Source: www.heartbleed.com
Source: www.heartbleed.com

If you haven’t yet heard about this, it is important that you review the links below.

Often times, a scenario like this is a scare tactic that the media latches onto and turns into a larger issue than it really is. So, you may be wondering – is this really a big deal? I’m not a web wizard, so I can’t tell you more than what I’m learning about online. What I do know is the media, and how easily we can be misinformed, and there is a lot of inaccurate information being circulated right now.

That said, what I’d like to stress to you is to ensure you’re getting your information on ‘Heartbleed’ from trusted sources on the web or various media outlets.

I’ve pulled a Globe and Mail link that provides some background information on ‘Heartbleed’ as well as information from other trusted media that lists the sites you need to consider changing your password for. Please review and if you are on any of these sites, it may be a good idea to change your password (better to be safe than sorry).

You will note that in the article, it suggests changing passwords again once a site has put a patch in place, so you may have to keep paying attention as this develops, and more information comes out.



Natalie Harper
Managing Director