Thanks for Three Great Years

  • March 1, 2014

Happy Anniversary Harper PR.jpg

When I left the agency world three years ago, I didn’t expect I would hop straight into running my own business. Harper PR came together quickly and almost overnight. With no savings, no business loans, one client and one prospective client, Harper PR officially started on March 1, 2011.

Three years, nine loyal and wonderful clients, a few talented partners, many loving supporters, and many hours of hard work later, I am beyond thrilled to say that Harper PR is growing and thriving.

My plans for the company are simple – continue to grow cautiously.

  • Say yes to projects that fit.
  • Say no to projects that don’t fit.
  • Enhance our service offering through our exclusive partnerships with talented people who enable us to add creative services, digital and interactive marketing, and graphic design to our offering.

To anyone who has supported this journey, I want to thank you. Your support is immeasurable.

Natalie Harper

Managing Director | Harper PR