Why You Should Work For Yourself

  • September 21, 2013

Love this! Kevin O’Leary’s “Top ten list of advantages of running your own business”

10 – Working from home = working in your underwear
09 – You get to use a ‘World’s Best Boss’ coffee mug
08 – The decision on which motivational poster to hang on the wall is all yours baby!
07 – Those free danishes you get at breakfast conferences
06 – Getting to use cool phrases like “hold all my calls”
05 – You’re one step closer to being able to host your own version of Celebrity Apprentice
04 – When it comes to company parties, you have the final say on the flavour of the ice cream
03 – The title “CEO’ is ballin’
02 – You can stay out late and party with “clients” and write it off as an expense
01 – Awesome parking spot