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CANDi Clinic 2013 Media Roundup

  • February 16, 2013

Client: Craig Moritz and CANDi International

Project: Creating awareness of CANDi and their spay/neuter programs in vacation destinations like Mexico. Secondary goal – raise funds to offset clinic expenses.

Results: Sponsorship from Air Transat and Impact Racing. Approximately $5,000 in funds raised in 5 days. Numerous print, online, radio and TV media stories.

Our Thanks: What a great project to work on. Thanks to everyone involved in creating so much awareness for the issue of pet overpopulation in vacation destinations, and the solution – sterilization. Many thanks to Craig Moritz, Darci Galati, Chris Cvetkovic, Ian Logan, Brady Browne, Jabari Arthur, Buck Pierce, Andre Durie, Chris Getzlaf, the CFLPA, Tracey Buyce Photography, all the volunteers/supporters/donors.


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