2013 Ford Escape Review – Built FORd Winter

2013 Ford Escape Review – Built FORd Winter

  • November 26, 2012

Every winter, Edmonton gets that initial big dump of snow that makes it nearly impossible to commute anywhere. This year was no different, and in early November, we got a dump of snow that caused chaos on the streets in Edmonton and area.

The morning started no differently than most for my boyfriend and me. We woke up. We cursed about having to be up so early. We wished it were Saturday. Finally, my boyfriend opened the bedroom window blinds, and suddenly we were wide awake. WHITE OUT. I immediately took a photo and Tweeted it out, then promptly checked Twitter to see what type of road conditions we were about to face during our (normally) 45 minute commute from St. Albert to downtown Edmonton.

We put our brave faces on, got into the four-wheel-drive Chevy Equinox, pulled out onto the street, and moved nowhere for nearly 90 minutes. Awesome. We watched vehicles slide into each other. We watched people pushing others up small hills. We saw two transit buses criss crossed across the road blocking all traffic.

The roads were easily THE WORST I had seen in the area…ever. We were trapped in St. Albert for hours.

Finally, we made it into Edmonton, and I proceeded to pick up the 2013 Ford Escape from Waterloo Ford for my week-long test drive. For months, I’ve been told by various people that this is the vehicle for me (since I have been looking).

I was excited to try my vehicle ‘soul mate.’ I was nervous as heck to try it on the deathly roads.

I followed my boyfriend back to St. Albert – he in the Equinox, and me in the Escape.

On the commute home, he slid twice. I slid…zero times.

The next day, we used the Escape on the wintery roads to get around. We had zero issues. It handled the slick streets with ease. It was great to drive, it was comfortable, the seat heaters were great in the cold, but most importantly…we felt SAFE on the streets.

Edmonton roads are a true test on people and their vehicles. And my week with the 2013 Ford Escape truly showcased how well-suited these vehicles can be for our climate.

My boyfriend and I started discussing if we could trade in the Equinox for the Escape – that’s how truly impressed we were with it. We even included it in our winter fun photo shoot.

The 2013 Ford Escape truly got us through the worst of the worst on our roads in Alberta, and therefore it gets a big recommendation from me. It’s on the vehicle ‘may purchase’ list as well. It’s practical, affordable, versatile, comfortable and a great option for a smaller SUV-style. Two frozen thumbs way up.

 *Harper PR is not an official representative of Ford Canada. Natalie Harper is thankful to be invited to test drive Ford vehicles on occasion, and provide an honest blog review of her experience.