Celebrating Seven Years as a Leading PR Consultancy in Alberta!

We are not ninjas, wizards or gurus. However, we love what we do, we've been doing it for a long time, and we are pretty darn good at it. We have been a preferred PR partner for brands across Canada for half a decade, and have worked in nearly every industry under the sun. With more than 14 years of experience in public relations, we have worked with some of the largest brands in North America. We have also helped smaller organization become bigger. Regardless of the size of your organization, we'd love the opportunity to work with you to tell your story and grow your brand.

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There isn't much we can't do, but we specialize in a few key communications services.

Media & Blogger Relations

Be seen and heard. From media releases to news conferences to working with bloggers and social influencers, we determine the best ways to have your story  reach the masses.

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Community Relations

Doing good is good for business. We help you identify ways to get involved with the community and support relevant causes in the most meaningful ways that align with your brand and your values.

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Strategic Planning

You can’t build a house without a solid foundation. It’s the same when planning your organization’s communications. We build a foundation based on strategy to ensure everything you do is solid.

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Event Management

We will plan and produce your event whether it’s a launch event, news conference, fundraising event or gala. Planning the perfect event requires great attention to detail, which is something we are known for.

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Our Process

We believe telling a good story means starting with an effective process.

  • listen

    We do environmental scanning and research up front to identify and better understand your target audiences in order to craft the right messages that have a better chance at being embraced. We also listen to what your audiences are saying about you or your industry, monitor brand sentiment, and respond to feedback from audiences.

  • inform

    After the research is done, we figure out the best ways to tell your story and which channels are the best to reach your audiences. Then, when the planning is done, we help you get the word out and deploy tactics to reach and inform audiences.

  • engage

    We don't simply tell your story, we help grow your brand through interaction with audiences and create ongoing brand touch points and get audiences involved.

  • adjust

    We evaluate what's working, and what we can improve upon, and quickly adjust things to ensure we're delivering results and meeting goals.



We have worked with a variety of organizations and people from small businesses to billion dollar brands. Take a peek at who've we've teamed up with.



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